Nettles … aaahhh nettles … the most amazing herb out there! It’s a blood builder, a blood cleanser, a galactagogue (milk producing herb), a yin strengthener, an energy-enhancer, immune-builder and it addresses the health of so many organ systems!

When I drink nettles, I experience an outpouring of consistent, underlying energy that supports me throughout the day. This is particularly noticeable when I start drinking this beautiful herb after a period of not drinking it. Then I ask myself, “Why, self, didn’t you drink this all the time?!”

Drink an infusion of nettles (tea brewed for several hours) to maintain a healthy immune system and good energy. Stinging nettles — considered a pesky garden weed — is a great all-year tonic and easily prepared using the dried plant. You can drink it every day, as much as you like.

To make an infusion, you will need:

>Nettles in bulk – dried, cut, sifted (not the tea bags).

>A large glass jar with a tight lid. Ball jars are best; the half-gallon size, gallon-sized iced tea jars work well, too.

1. Fill the jar with a few inches of nettles and fill to the brim with boiling water. (See precautions below.) Let sit a minute or so, stir and then add more boiling water to refill it, as the herb will soak up the water. Cover and let steep 4-8 hours.

2. Strain and drink. Refrigerate what’s not used. May be reheated gently. Add honey or sweetener if desired.

Precautions for when filling jar with boiling water:

> Make sure the glass jar is at room temperature

> Don’t have the jar sit on cold stone or metal, as the difference in temperature could cause it to crack

> Don’t let the kettle touch the edge of the glass.


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