Herbs and Minerals


Spring is a perfect time to cleanse the body! This cleanse routine is something easily added to your regimen – try it for a week or preferably two weeks. This is not a fast – but do cut back on sugar, salts, caffeine, alcohol. And eat lots of healthy foods! What you’re going to do is ADD in the following:

  • > Oils – plenty of flax seed oil (at least 2 tbsp. daily) or fish oils. As the liver cleanses and toxins move out, the oils attract those toxins and usher them out, as well as serve to balance hormone and sugar levels.

  • > Lemons – upon awakening, drink some water with lemon juice. Drink a lot all day – squeeze lemon on all the foods you can – veggies, salad dressings, fish, pastas.

  • > Cilantro – eat at least ¼ to 1/3 of a bunch of cilantro a day. Cilantro is particularly good for clearing out heavy metals in the body. Try it in salsa, pasta or rice dishes, plain in salads – or just munch it alone (like a good little bunny rabbit).

  • > Green, green green – eat chlorophyll rich foods, take chlorophyll, or any of the BioGreens products in your health food store. Eat lots of spring herbs – mint, parsley, dill. Kale, collards, broccoli rabe, swiss chard – eat the greens! You want to eat A LOT of these – not to gross you out, but you want to poop green.

  • > Move it on out – since you’re going to drawing out toxins, it is good to add in psyllium husks (follow the directions on the package) and bentonite or montmorillonite clay (1 tsp) or liquid clay in solution (follow bottle directions). The psyllium will to move things out gently, the clay absorbs toxins and moves them out. These products can be found at your health food store.

You could make a drink with juice, add in the clay, pysllium, Biogreens or chlorophyll, maybe even add ground flaxseed – or a smoothie with yoghurt and banana. It really doesn’t taste bad (though I know it doesn’t sound great!). Look at The Power of Greens smoothie recipes in this Self Care Section, and make that part of your regimen.

Drink dandelion root tea or Detox tea (Yogi brand is great). Milk thistle tea is also good, particularly for detoxing from paint fumes and chemicals. Nettles tea is excellent, especially for blood deficiency or nursing moms. You can make a simple tea, or better yet, infusions of the herb.

All of this will increase the Liver and Gallbladder activity, from a physical to a mental to a spiritual aspect. Open your eyes to dreaming – the spirit of the Liver is the visionary, the one who clearly sees the bigger picture.