Here is a simple exercise you can do on yourself, your children, and your patients to inspire the

Large Intestine to keep moving. It is best used with a Manaka wooden hammer (photo above),

but you can also use your hands to tap instead.

This exercise can be done sitting or lying down.

First listen to your pulse to pick up its rhythm. Then, using the pulse as a metronome beat,

tap clockwise around the umbilicus. This follows the natural movement and rhythm of the colon and stimulates peristalsis. You can use your first two fingers as a tapping agent. If you use the Manaka hammer, you place the “needle” (the long stem part) on the body and gently hammer it on top, to the beat of your pulse.

Move clockwise around the umbilicus. Do this three times at least. The movement mimics the movement of the colon, and the pulse beat helps it start the elimination process.

It can be extremely effective.